A week project on Mathematics for high school graduates

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The Laboratory for Mathematical Engineering (LEMA) of the School of Engineering of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto is committed to attract new students to mathematical areas. With this in mind, we promote several one-week projects on Applied Mathematics for high school graduates. These students are the next year candidates for a college degree and our goal is to try to influence them on deciding for a degree on mathematics or similar.
Projects focus on simple real world applications, with an effort on showing students the importance of different fields of Mathematics in our daily life. Existing since 2009, they give students the opportunity to be integrated on a research group and provide them a hands-on experience on research areas that are usually introduced in higher education levels. Projects cover different topics such as fractals, cryptography, neural networks, Bayesian statistics, graph theory, or optimisation. Here are some examples:
  • How can a GPS find the shortest path between two locations?
  • Coding messages using concepts of linear algebra
  • What is the size of Portugal?
  • Time traveling with 3D curves
  • Who is the crime suspect?
  • Mathematics and the intelligence of neural networks
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