1st area.- Design, simulation, computer-aided engineering. General lines

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1st area.- Computer-aided design and numerical simulation, usually known as computer-aided engineering.
  • General lines
    • Mathematical modelling.
    • Ordinary differential equations and systems.
    • Partial differential equations: linear and non-linear analysis. Green’s functions.
    • Operator theory.
    • Asymptotic methods. Homogenization.
    • Optimal control. Optimization.
    • Inverse problems.
    • Function approximation techniques.
    • Difference and functional equations.
    • Numerical methods.
    • Finite difference methods.
    • Finite element methods (FEM).
    • Extended finite elements (XFEM).
    • Finite volume methods.
    • Boundary element method (BEM).
    • Reduced-order methods.
    • Generation and adaptation of meshes.
    • Numerical simulation.