Approval of the Strategic Network of Mathematics

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The approval of the Strategic Network of Mathematics with € 120,000 was published in the BOE last 30th of June 2017 through the “Resolución de la presidencia de la agencia estatal de investigación por la que se conceden ayudas para las acciones de dinamización Redes De Excelencia, correspondientes al programa estatal de fomento de la investigación científica y técnica de excelencia, subprograma estatal de generación de conocimiento, en el marco del plan estatal de investigación científica y técnica y de innovación 2013-2016”.
The Strategic Network of Mathematics will contribute to continue the tradition of coordination and consensus around the fundamental axes of scientific development. Its main objective is to support to national and international activities aimed at  positioning mathematics in Spain. Moreover the Network will facilitate the transfer of mathematical technology through the optimization of results and resources already available as well as socio-impact analysis-economy of mathematical research. Additionally funding for Spanish mathematics will be looked for and  the collaboration among centers members will be promoted. Finally the analysis of the needs of generational replacement will be carried out with the aim of placing Spanish mathematical research in an extraordinary position at both national and international levels.