The Technological Institute of Industrial Mathematics is born as a center for technology transfer and research

The bodies of the three Galician universities met to sign the cooperation agreement to form a consortium of Industrial Mathematics Institute of Technology (ITMATI).

ITMATI has been driven by eleven scientists from nine research groups in Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research Universities belonging to Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo, and members of the Spanish Network Mathematics - Industry (math-in):


The University of Santiago de Compostela and Vigo develop two innovative projects: Laser-Pet and Atlanti

Secretary of State for R + D + i, Carmen Vela, has confirmed to the Minister of Economy and Industry of the Galician regional government, Francisco Conde, supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for the signing of two agreements with the Universities of Santiago de Compostela and Vigo. The amount of the two projects exceeds 14 million euros, which will be financed by the Ministry with over 11 million Technology Fund of the European Union.

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