Riesgo de contrapartida y CVA

This course, taught by Paul MacManus of Financial Analysts International (AFI), will focus on one of the current topics in the field of quantitative finance "Counterparty Risk and CVA". It is aimed at financial professionals, academics and trainees. The duration is 8 hours.

13/03/2013 - 14/03/2013

Edificio CITIC, Campus de Elviña s/n, A Coruña


Universidade da Coruña, CITIC, ITMATI, Grupo M2NICA

The Technological Institute of Industrial Mathematics is born as a center for technology transfer and research

The bodies of the three Galician universities met to sign the cooperation agreement to form a consortium of Industrial Mathematics Institute of Technology (ITMATI).

ITMATI has been driven by eleven scientists from nine research groups in Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research Universities belonging to Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo, and members of the Spanish Network Mathematics - Industry (math-in):

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