The Minister for Industry, Innovation and Employment, Javier Erro, presented the Innovation Strategy Rioja, which will set the roadmap for R & D up to 2020

The Innovation Strategy Rioja takes as its starting point the Rioja Strategic Plan 2020 and takes its goal of positioning the Community among the 60 most developed regions of the European Union, developing the key lines that innovation plays a key role in their achievement.


Chamber of Commerce in Spain supports IP and bet on innovate to overcome the crisis

Chamber of Commerce in Spain (AmChamSpain) organized in Madrid, for the second consecutive year, the conference on intellectual property in order to "submit to reflection the need  to bet on a public and private policy in research , innovation and creation" as tools to overcome the crisis.



The math-in network is aimed at providing solutions and transferring mathematical technology to the productive sectors of society, especially to companies and public Administrations.

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