The Universidad Politécnica de Valencia conducts an investigation to reduce the use of cars

A team of researchers from the Institute of Heat Engines CMT-Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) is working on a method to reduce fuel consumption in vehicles. The key move - at - the Rankine cycle technology used in power plants, a reciprocating internal combustion engine. His studies have been published in the journals Applied Thermal Engineering and Applied Energy, in its online editions, as reported by the academic institution in a statement.


Galicia quadruples innovation funds received through the 7th Framework Programme

Galicia has "quadrupled" innovation funds received through the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development of the European Union (EU) to get 60 million between fiscal years 2007 and 2012, compared to 14.5 who pocketed by the previous plan.


A new type of lens made ​​of metamaterials to compress images more efficiently

Algorithms such as JPEG can compress the size of files, but they act after the picture is taken. By contrast, the metamaterial sensor - artificial materials with properties not offered by nature - compress the photos as recorded and compiled their information more efficiently.

The finding, developed by a team at Duke University in the United States, suggests that cameras, scanners, X-ray and other imaging technologies built with the new sensor can record photographs quickly and without many detectors and measurements as currently required.


Six out of ten innovative companies achieve their initial objectives Euskadi

A study by the Council of Bizkaia and the Chamber of Commerce of Bilbao through Innovation Watch, reveals that 60% of innovative companies Euskadi met its initial objectives.

The 2012 report on the importance Norabidea chelae companies award for innovation within their business plans shows that 66 percent of the consultees praised his decision as a success. The profile of the companies that introduce innovation in their business plans matches up companies, operating in the service sector, with export activity.


The University of Santiago de Compostela and Vigo develop two innovative projects: Laser-Pet and Atlanti

Secretary of State for R + D + i, Carmen Vela, has confirmed to the Minister of Economy and Industry of the Galician regional government, Francisco Conde, supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for the signing of two agreements with the Universities of Santiago de Compostela and Vigo. The amount of the two projects exceeds 14 million euros, which will be financed by the Ministry with over 11 million Technology Fund of the European Union.


Transfiere 2013

The second edition of the European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation held in Malaga on 13 and 14 February. Multisectoral forum is referenced in the I + D + i Spanish that puts together the supply and demand for technology, research and business links and generate new business opportunities.

More info: Transfiere'13

13/02/2013 - 14/02/2013

Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga

The call to the great challenge of solving one of the great problems of Spain through technology

The Cosentino Group, Rafael del Pino Foundation and BBVA Innovation Center have partnered to sponsor a competition designed to identify innovative talent, technology entrepreneurs and emerging leaders with creativity and ambition to change the world.

All projects must be intended to solve one of the great problems of Spain (unemployment, education, financial crisis, energy dependence, etc.), And be able to impact the lives of 10 million Spanish through technology.



The Council for Science Policy, Technological and Innovation unanimously approves the first draft of the Spanish Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation

This document, a key tool of the new Law of Science, contains the principles and objectives to guide the design of the actions of the Spanish government in the field of R&D&i in the period 2013-2020. The overall objectives of the Strategy focus on the recognition of talent and employability, the promotion of excellence, furthering the business leadership as essential to boost the competitiveness of the business and the promotion of R & D-oriented to major societal challenges.


Open call for the National Awards for Innovation and Design 2012 that encourage the technology innovation through the design

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through the Secretary of State of R&D&i, has convened the National Awards for Innovation and Design 2012, a contest that aims to encourage the development of technological innovation and the use of design as an innovative element by recognizing those professionals and companies who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to these objectives.

Includes four categories:


SEDAGUA project is launched to optimize the design of the decanters of water treatment stations

This project involves the Area of simulation and innovative design and the Area of technology of the Fundació CTM Environmental Technology Centre - part of TECNIO - together with the company TecnoConverting S.A.

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