Problem 2

Big Data Information processing obtained from inspections of quality management.

Academic Coordinator | Rosa Crujeiras. Affiliated researcher of ITMATI. Associate Professor at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research (USC).

Business Coordinators | Hugo Caridad Cordeiro, CEO  iAuditoria

Description | Companies must address compliance relating to food safety, prevention of occupational hazards and environmental quality legal and contractual requirements. To do so, within the control and monitoring methodologies is conducting inspections and / or audits in order to verify compliance with them. Generally, these inspections and audits are collected as mere compliance with the requirements without companies to allocate time and resources to analyzing them. iAuditoria is an ICT tool that solves this problem and that in any case wants to go further and deal with predictive models generated from the results of such inspections and audits the possibility of facing situation of food crises, accidents or environmental disasters.

Scope | Estatistics/Big Data