Fleet planning of AGV´s

Fleet plannig of AGV´s

Academic Coordinator | Julio González Díaz. Affiliated researcher of ITMATI, Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research (USC).

Business Coordinator | Jesús Enrique Sierra García. Academic and Scientific Relations Manager. 

Specialist | Juan José Salazar González. Professor of Statistics and Operations Research  University of La Laguna (Tenerife).


Description | The AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) are automatic vehicles for transporting loads in production environments. AGVs in intralogistics systems are not used individually, but fleets of AGVs. The plant system sends commands indicating the source station and the destination station to a monitoring system fleet (SCF). The SCF assigns each order to an AGV within the fleet of AGVs. Currently, this assignment is  not optimal and occur locks and waiting periods that limit the productivity.

Scope | The challenge is to get the optimal dynamic route planning and missions under certain restrictions  in order to minimize downtime of vehicles and maximize the productivity of the machines and the installation as a whole.