Invitation letter

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we invite you to participate at the 122 European Study Group with Industry (122 ESGI) wich will be held at Santiago de Compostela from 19th to 23th September, 2016. 

The ESGI format, in which the scientific community comes together in working groups to address issues presented directly by the industry and by mainstreaming of mathematics are affordable in all economic sectors, has been the key to success and the reason why these events are replicated worldwide. 

This simple format has proved its value again and again: companies from diverse industries have benefited from the insights gained through mathematical analysis of their problems, while mathematicians with diverse interests have benefited from the exciting research opportunities presented by unsolved problems with practical significance. 

Therefore, collaboration between industry experts and researchers is key to addressing technological innovation problems into a mathematical successful. The realization of ESGI contributes to the promotion of mathematics and awareness of companies to use Mathematics to improve their processes. 

For these reasons, we would like to have your presence at this event, so that together make this study groups a success, which help us to recovery of Mathematics as another branch on the knowledge scientific transfer to the companies. 

Hope to see you and meet in Santiago de Compostela.

Best regards,