Geolocation and positioning in sports training

Academic coordinators | Andrei Martínez Finkelshtein and Fernando Reche Lorite, University of Almería

Business coordinator | Carlos Padilla, RealTrack Systems

Description | Wimu is a wireless device that controls physical activity by providing a constant flow of accurate data in real time on how the athlete performs the activity, tactics, kinematic and physiological variables are captured by sensors WiMu to seek improvement in performance through intelligent analysis of information at individual and collective level. In all problems athletes carry WIMU held by a harness on the back.


  • Harmony of motion of a group of athletes.
  • The idea is to calculate some sort of index to show how much harmonic is the movement of a group of players. Also calculate the percentage to an individual subject may be reducing the harmonic group index.
  • Detection of group activities.
  • This is an automatically detect when several individuals are participating in the same activity / athletic exercise.
  • Sensory Fusion GPS with ATTITUDE.
  • It is merging channel GPS sensor with sensor channel ATTITUDE. The GPS sensor provides information of subject movement WiMu carrying the device through its channels Longitude, Latitude, Speed, these channels yield the absolute position on earth with an error that varies depending on many conditions. On the other hand we have the ATTITUDE sensor yielding AC_Earth_X channels, AC_Earth _Y, AC_Earth _Z indicating the projected into the ground acceleration, these data are relative and have more accuracy than GPS, but unlike the sensors result in a short timeframe when integrated. It is filtering or merge the two sensors to keep the best of each system, trying to contain ATTITUDE sensor drift with the absolute position of the GPS sensor.



    It will be held on February, from 17th to 20th in Sevilla.

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