Optimization in the design of the "Antesclusa" in the port of Seville to minimize sedimentation

Academic coordinator | Enrique D. Fernández Nieto, University of Sevilla

Business coordinator | Ángel Pulido Hernández, Director of the Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla

Specialist | M. Carmen Molina González, consultant in river studies

Description | Access to the port of Seville is via the route E.60.02 Eurovia Navigable Guadalquivir, registered in the riverbed, getting to the port facilities through a lock. Currently very high levels of sedimentation appears in the area antesclusa because of, among other reasons, to the low velocity of water in this area, due to the characteristics of geometry and connection to the main channel, and the high load suspended sediment transported by the river. This implies the need for major dredging. The goal is to propose solutions to reduce levels of sedimentation in the antesclusa the port of Seville.



It will be held on February, from 17th to 20th in Sevilla.

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