Business Coordinators

Tamara Borreguero

Airbus Defence And Space

MS Industrial Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrir. She has worked since 2015 in the aeronautical industry, being part of the Production Engineering and Innovation department in Toulouse, Madrid and Seville.
Lately, she has focused on process improvement, leading the implementation of Lean Manufacturing within production and the support areas.

Diego Fernández

Project manager

MS Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University Madrid, in 1998.
More than 15 years of experience in the building sector and research activities related with earthquake resistant buildings, structure and basement modelling, and hydraulic and infrastructure design. He has been participating in EU and national project and has experience in project management.

Carlos Padilla

founder and CTO
RealTrack Systems

With over 19 years experience as a freelancer of new technologies, he has worked for organizations such as Cajamar, various councils and other public entities primarily interactive, WEB, IMMERSIVE PHOTOS, Bluetooth Marketing. Carlos leads a multidisciplinary team in charge with performing all these projects.
In 2001 he was equipped with the prize of the Andalusian Institute of Youth in the mode of Economy and Employment. In 2003 he begins to develop tracking and mobility software for mobile devices, mainly for tracking PDA and Nokia mobile devices (becoming one of the few Spanish member of Nokia Forum Pro), this application is sold through internet throughout the world.
Currently he is also founder and CTO of the company RealTrack Systems ( a technology-based entity whose mission is to provide innovative solutions to health and health market by providing accurate and relevant information in real time on the execution of the activity to improve the performance and wellbeing.

Ángel Pulido Hernández

Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla



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