University Residence Rector Estanislao del Campo

It has been blocked 10 rooms at a reduced price. To access these reservations, please contact Gladys Narbona via email point out as subject "108ESGI | RU Estanislao del Campo".

Hotel Exe Sevilla Palmera

It has been blocked 10 rooms with deadline for reservations on February 6th (from this date, the rooms will be under availability). Prices for these rooms in bed and breakfast are:

  • Double room: 50€.

  • Double room for individual use: 45€.

  • Each attendee will manage your booking directly with the hotel through:

  • Telephone | 955 518 500
  • E-mail | point out as subject "108 European Study Group with Industry | 17-20 February". Each attendee must provide data from a credit card at the time of booking as a guarantee of it and a contact number. However, payment will be made directly at the hotel.



    It will be held on February, from 17th to 20th in Sevilla.

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