Academic coordinators

Víctor Blanco

Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods for Economics & Business at the Universidad de Granada

He has participated in different projects and technology transfer contracts related to strategic planning and logistics. His research activity has given raise to several publications in specialized journals in Operations Research, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, and Management Science. He has carried out several research stays at the University of California (Davis, CA), Institute for Mathematics and its applications (Minneapolis, MN) and Sauder Business School (UBC, Vancouver) among others. His specialized area is mathematical programming, both from the theoretical (development and analysis of methodologies) and the applied side (location problems, transportation, logistics, actuarial risk, ...).

Enrique D. Fernández

Assistant professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Sevilla

Obtained his PhD in Mathematics by the same university in 2003. He has co-directed two doctoral theses and published 38 articles in journal of impact in his field. He has been the PI in a research project and three technology transfer projects. And he has participated in ten research projects. He has been granted with the "2009 Young Researcher Award" of the Spanish Society of Applied Mathematics (SEMA). And has co-organized over ten conferences and international workshops.

Andrei Martínez Finkelshtein

University of Almería

Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Almería. He is an specialist in various branches of pure mathematics (approximation theory, asymptotic theory, orthogonal polynomials, mathematical physics) and in mathematic applications, particularly in vision science. He has published over 70 papers in international journals; he is coauthor of one national patent. He has directed 10 national and regional projects, participated in other 9 and 1 contract R & D. He is on the editorial board of four international journals, member of the organizing or scientific committee of 13 scientific events. He has been guest lecturer at 46 congresses, conferences or international scientific meetings.
He has worked in 7 universities (1 in Cuba, 1 in Russia, 2 in USA and 3 in Spain), besides being tutor in UNED and associated researcher at the Institute Carlos I of Theoretical and Computational Physics of the University of Granada, and has performed more than 20 research stays at universities and research centers.

Mª Luisa Rapún Banzo

Technical University of Madrid

M.L. Rapún received her Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) in 2004. She is Associate Professor at the School of Aeronautical Engineering of the Technical University of Madrid (Spain) since 2010. Her main areas of research are reduced order modelling for some problems arising in Aeronautical Engineering and the numerical solution of direct and inverse problems in defect detection, parameter identification and shape reconstruction in non-destructive testing.

Fernando Reche Lorite

University of Almería

Degree in Mathematics from the University of Granada and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Almería (UAL). He is a professor in the area of Statistics and Operations Research in the Department of Mathematics in UAL and founding member of the research group Data Analysis of the university. Career official body of Secondary School Teachers on leave, he has been secretary of the Faculty of Experimental Sciences and currently is director of the Centre for Development and Transfer of Innovation in Business Mathematics (CDTIME). He has participated in numerous national and regional projects in the field of treatment of uncertainty, focusing especially on the methodology of Bayesian networks research.


Mª Carmen Molina

Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports. Specialist in hydrology, hydraulics, basins planning and river morphodynamics

Civil Engineer, Channels and Ports. Specialist in hydrology, hydraulics, basins planning and river morphodynamics

With fifteen (15) years of experience, she is a member of the Research Group of Ports and Coasts of the University of Granada (1998-2001), and she has worked twelve years in SENER (2001 -2013), directing and participating in several studies and projects on planning and modeling in civil engineering, especially hydraulic and hydrological engineering studies and large river basins and port and coastal engineering. Currently consulting specialist Engineering and fluvial flooding studies of largebasins. Water Administration Consultant to develop technical hydraulic recommendations, basin management, morphodynamic studies related to rivers and flood management and technical boundary delimitation, DPH methodologies, etc.



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